Lane Wilcken

Lane Wilcken is the author of “Filipino Tattoos Ancient to Modern” -and- “The Forgotten Children of Maui.” He is also a contributing author to “Back from the Crocodile’s Belly: Philippine Babaylan Studies and the Struggle for Indigenous Memory.” Lane is also an artisan of ancient technology & art, former Co-Director of the Center for Babaylan Studies, & the Editor-in-Chief of 808ink, Hawaii’s premier tattoo magazine.

Lane was born from a native Ilokana mother from the both Ilocos regions in the Philippines and an American father of English and Scandinavian descent. Lane’s maternal family was well acquainted in the traditional spiritual practices of the Philippines, his grandmother was a mangngilut (midwife and healer) and communicator with ancestral spirits. His great-great grandmother was a mangnganito or spirit medium. His grandfather understood the oral traditions & practices of the past. At an early age Lane was interested in mythology & other cultural practices which are the foundation of indigenous Filipino tattooing.

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