JR Calanoc

CEO and President

JR Calanoc first realized the beauty and potential of the Philippines while living there from 1996 to 2000. Moving back to the U.S. in 2001, he completed his Bachelors degree in Economics at the University of San Francisco.

JR spent eight years in the financial services industry with US Bank as the San Francisco AVP and Branch Manager. During this time, he led several internal programs aimed at benefiting the Filipino American community.

In 2005, JR founded ActiVentures Philippine Adventure Tours. ActiVentures continues to promote the beauty of the Philippines through scuba diving and other adventure sports.

In 2011, JR Calanoc, recognizing the talent and the timely opportunity of the Philippine technology sector, served as Director of Business Development for Rendition Digital International.

JR is currently CEO of One Virtual Source, a San Francisco-based startup that looks to bridge the gap between Philippine technology companies and the global market. One Virtual Source was a direct result of JR’s participation in the FAYLP program, where he was inspired by the drive and vision of his colleagues to find a way to highlight and market the technology talent of the Philippines.

Since their January launch, OVS has connected over 120 pre-qualified software development companies, creative & design teams, and business process support providers to the US market. OVS currently has over 65 business clients and provided support for website development, digital marketing, business process outsourcing and software development.

OVS continues to grow its customer base from small businesses and startups to publicly traded companies, giving them direct access to talented technology firms in the Philippines.

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