Immanuel Masinsin

As Wells Fargo’s technology leader of social media, Immanuel is the technology leader to Wells Fargo’s Enterprise Social Media department, impacting the company’s 80+ businesses. He guides the company’s social media technology relations and enterprise initiatives in the digital space. As the co-founder of the enterprise wide collaboration tool, Team Moments, Immanuel, is also responsible for managing and fostering the entire platform enterprise wide aligning the companies values & vision, goals and achievements through conversations and collaboration with team members in the United States, Philippines and India.

Immanuel joined Wells Fargo in December 2012. Prior to Wells Fargo, Immanuel was part of the first generation of Social Entrepreneurs in the Philippines within the incubation program of Gawad Kalinga and the Department of Trade and Industry, consulting and collaborating with top executives, foreign students, and local Philippine leaders. He co-founded the product which is now known as Bayani-Brew.

Prior to being a Social Entrepreneur he was with Bank of America as a Business Analyst for compliance initiatives, provided strategic communications as a Communications Consultant for an executive enablement group and as a Web Administrator where he implemented the development and execution of communications ranging from major announcements to product introductions.

Immanuel, a native of Puerto Rico, is the son of a Fil-am US Navy veteran and a Fil-am banker. He’s a graduate of the University of North Florida with a bachelor’s degree in Public Relations and Political Science. He’s a millennial by age, and a forward thinker but from time-to-time lives in the past by constantly discovering his Filipino roots. A self-professed entrepreneur and “intrapenuer” he is an avid adventurer and thrill seeker, who has travelled the world, worked in farms and corporate boardrooms alike and now believes innovation that can happen outside the box can also happen inside the box.

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  • Company:Wells Fargo
  • Short Bio:VP, Enterprise Social Media
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