Chris Peralta

Founder and CEO of Manila Valley and

Chris has more than 15 years experience in the Mobile and Technology sector, now Founder/CEO of Manila Valley, an Accelerator program in Silicon Valley focused on Filipino startups in Philippines. Today, Chris already supports and advises Filipino startups and companies, is spearheading a mentorship program with Philippine Universities overall being the bridge between Philippines and Silicon Valley.

Chris is an entrepreneur with multiple startups, is an Investor, Advisor to more than 10 portfolio companies in Silicon Valley in various industries. His understanding of both domestic Philippine market and Silicon Valley, awareness of new technology trends and extensive business network allows him to execute with ease.

Building strategic relationships is his forte and Chris has managed and executed deals with Telcos from SingTel Group in Asia to T- Mobile in USA, unicorn companies in Silicon Valley from Dropbox to Flipboard, strategic deals with Tech companies like Amazon to Facebook and Enterprise Sales deals from Cisco to Nokia.

Chris Peralta holds a Bachelor of Electric Engineering degree from the University of Technology Sydney majoring in Telecommunications, sub-major in Computer Systems.


  • Company:Manila Valley
  • Short Bio:Founder and CEO
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