Guidelines for Networking Session for Participating Organizations

Speaker Series and Fil-Am Networking Day

April 23, 2016 (Saturday)

1pm to 5pm

DeVry University, Fremont Campus

6600 Dumbarton Circle, Fremont CA


  • What is the purpose of this networking event?
    • This event  is a fabulous opportunity for the Filipino community in the SF Bay Area to connect with each other and drive meaningful conversations that will lead for more future collaborationn.
  • What time do I need to setup?
    • The participating organization can setup beginning at 10am.  You will be given your own table, however, the location of table will be occuped on a first-come-first-served basis (i.e. you get to choose your own table/locaiton within the room). Registration is opened to the public beginning 1:00pm
  • What do I expect during the networking session?
    • In addition to the mixer part of the networking, there will be raffle drawings and also we provide sometime for announcements (take note, however, that due to the number of organizations and the time restriction, we shall be allowing only certain announcements).
  • What is being provided to us?
    • You will be provided with small table (sizes vary from between 3 ft and 4ft in length x 2ft in width)
    • Each table will be provided with 1 to 2 chairs
    • No electrical power is provided, but please let us know if there is a compelling reason to require power.
  • What do we have to bring?
    • This event is meant for you to promote your organization and announce any important events. Therefore, we encourage you to bring your promotional materials like brochures, flyers, and the like.
    • We will provide a generic table cover, if you want to bring  your own with your branding, you may do so.
  • Can we bring banners? If so what kind of banners do you allow?
    • Each organization is allowed to bring only one(1) standing roll-up banner (“standee”).
  • Can we make any announcement during the networking session?
    • Due to the number of  participating organizations, we are limiting any announcments. Please  click here to specify if you intend to speak on the mic and what annoucement you need to make. Note that you are alloweda maximum of up to two(2) minutes for any announcement.
  • What kind of food item do we need to bring and for how many people?
    • There is really no restriction with regards to the food item you need to bring. Light meal is recommended. While majority of the attendees expected are Filipinos, you can bring any type of dish as you wish.
    • Please plan in sharing food for around 50 people.
    • Water/Beverage will be provided by the organizer but this will be sold for $1/each.