Event description

gerphotoBestselling and award-winning author Geraldine Solon, who penned the Top 100 Amazon bestseller “Love Letters” in 2011 (and six more novels ever since), is the speaker and resource person for this amazing workshop. Geraldine writes Romance, Women’s Fiction, Mystery, Suspense, and Psychological Thrillers. She is also a member of the California Writers Club Fremont Chapter. We heart Geraldine Solon and you would, too!

The workshop will cover topics close to your heart like:

  • Writing from the heart: Why do you write?
  • Writing: Hobby vs. career
  • Tips on how to write a blog, essay, or topic
  • Exercises and time for Q & A

It will be a heart-thumping, fun-filled 2.5 hours in one weekend afternoon, especially if writing is truly your passion. If you’ve read this far, surely there’s something in this workshop for you. It calls out to you; it resonates just right. Who knows if this will be the workshop that inspires you to finally write out what’s been in your heart for so long?

Who knows, this could also be your chance to write about your passion and interests and contribute to The Global Filipino, an online magazine focused on the elevation and proliferation of the heart of Filipino culture, history and legacy, and unification of the Filipino diaspora.

Register now and we will all see you soon. Everyone who has the heart for writing is invited – students, bloggers, social media aficionados, professionals, young-at-hearts. You will heart the no-hassle registration process.

Organized by the Global Filipino Network.